We do not support ICFOSS anymore !

Published on: July 13, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 min

International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) is an organization started to promote FOSS initiatives in Kerala linking up with FOSS and OSHW (Open Source Hardware) communities from different parts of the world. We, as FSCI and as individual members supported past ICFOSS initiatives.

Once a thriving organization who worked with Free Software and Free Software communities now have drifted away from their main goal for the past several years and their initiatives related to Free Software trimmed down to doing nothing. These days, ICFOSS is just another research organization eating public funds, alarmingly who don’t even know the basic difference between freeware and free software. Yet, we raised our various concerns to them in both offline and online meetings on multiple occasions, all such attempts turned out to be just plain waste of our time.

FSCI is deeply disappointed that the ICFOSS has neither addressed any concerns raised, nor acknowledge the fact that there were concerns and blindly ask for wholehearted support from the communities. We feel our efforts are going in vain trying to support them. Hence, It’s better to stay away from this toxic organization. And we request other free software communities to do the same.

We decided, NOT to join or support ICFOSS in any of their programs. We only plan to revisit our decision once ICFOSS complete the promises that we mutually agreed and respond to our queries which we put forward based on their request.